Casa Fina through the decades

18 Jul 2017

When an advertising lawyer with a top drawer London contacts book and a stylish Spaniard got together in 1960 they created one of the decade’s most successful brands. Casa Pupo, born in a corner shop in Pimlico, near the studios of an up-and-coming photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones, grew into a worldwide chain with shops from Paris to Sydney.

Geoffrey Dobson and his partner Jose “Pupo” Casasus were a perfect team. Geoffrey’s legal and advertising background gave the business its solid footing and Pupo provided the style and flamboyance. When Winston Churchill died Pupo draped the Pimlico window in plain fabric with just one red rose taking pride of place.

It was at Casa Pupo that Robin Guild, who was to go on to found Designers Guild, cut his teeth as the manager of the Hampstead store. When in the 70s the business was sold to Chinacraft the pair started again and Casa Fina was born, selling the trademark “Pupo” rugs. This time it was a franchise and Casa Fina grew across the country. After building up a number of Casa Fina stores selling Italian and Spanish ceramics as well as Spanish rugs and lanterns the legal tie collapsed and the stores, though retaining the name and style, all became independent.

Susi Mason who owns Casa Fina has adapted the product mix over the years but has never compromised on quality, great design and good value. Just as the Beatles went to Casa Pupo in Pimlico all those years ago, the Salisbury shop has a healthy and loyal customer following whose homes are testament to the Casa Fina style.

Now approaching a fortieth anniversary the Salisbury shop is the last of the much loved Casa Pupo and Casa Fina shops. The emphasis is still on interiors with a specialism in lamps and shades but this is now mixed with antique and vintage pieces. The shop will continue to evolve but will always have its customers at its heart.

The shop offers a unique shopping experience as it sells contemporary brands such as India Jane, Thomas Kent and Addison Ross alongside a fabulous collection of antique and vintage items personally sourced to sit easily both in the shop and in customers’ homes.

“Casa Fina is an escape into a world of colour, style and beauty.”

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