6 DEC 2018
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Casa Fina
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So we are finally in December and what a year it has been! This October Casa Fina celebrated 35 years trading in Salisbury’s High Street and I can’t remember a year that has been so tough for Salisbury’s businesses. The one good thing that has come of it has been that Salisbury people have stood as a community, businesses have cooperated and tried to work together and there has been an incredible determination to get back to normal Salisbury life.

We at Casa Fina just love the Christmas season so that is what this newsletter is all about, a little sprinkle of glitter in your day.


Christmas Shopping Evening Friday 14th December

On Friday 14th December we will be open until 9pm and what’s more, so will 9 other High Street Gate independent businesses. These include Regent, the High Street Post Office, Hardy’s and Roly’s, Raffinee, The English Chocolate Company, No 75 New Street studios, Anokhi and The India Shop


Our Christmas window

This Christmas we have filled the window with frosted red roses, antique and vintage china and glass, sparkly birds and some great gift ideas.

Salisbury BID are running a Christmas window competition. If you’d like to vote for us just click on the image to go through to the BIDs page and ‘like’ our photo. 


St Thomas’ Christmas Tree Festival

The St Thomas’ Church Christmas Tree Festival is so popular and this is our first one! With a shop packed full of decorations and baubles that seems strange but we always are just a little too disorganised. 

Our entry will celebrate Les Colombes, the Michael Pendry installation of paper doves in the cathedral. They were so magical and seemed to arrive in the city just when we needed a sign of hope and positivity.


What’s on in Salisbury

There’s so much to see and do in Salisbury in December and we’d like to share some of our favourites with you.

We have a little hoard of jewellery and coins in the window to link with the fascinating exhibition in The Salisbury Museum who have partnered with the British Museum to showcase treasure hoards discovered by archaeologists and metal detectorists.

The Cathedral is running twighlight tower tours and have light installations entitled From Darkness to Light in and around the cathedral. Do go and take a look, they’re spectacular.

There is a Nutcracker Trail organised by Salisbury’s BID, a great activity for the children. We have trail maps in the shop.


Our new website!

We are so excited to launch our new look website this month. Not only do we have a new look but there is also a small online shop which will mean that those of you who can’t come in to visit the shop can still shop with us. The assortment of products will change every few weeks so do have a browse on a regular basis.


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