Tips for Decorating at Christmas

8 DEC 2021

I just thought that I’d jot down a few tips that might come in useful when you are decorating your homes for Christmas.

First the tree – this is often the most stunning centrepiece of your display and in recent years we’ve heard that our customers are putting up two or even three tress with different themes. At Casa Fina you can see that we get immersed in themes and collections – after 39 years of choosing some of the most beautiful Christmas lines available from Gisela Graham’s gorgeous ranges to hand blown Egyptian baubles this is bound to happen. However I LOVE those family trees crammed with decorations gathered over the years from holiday destinations or gifts, playschool masterpieces and vintage treasures so don’t feel that you have to theme. It’s YOUR tree!

Don’t feel that you have to stick to baubles – you can use so many things on your tree – flower picks and sprays, ribbons and bows, dried fruit slices and spices. You can tie in tiny coffee cups, wrapped sweets and gifts. In my opinion THE most important thing is not to skimp on the lights – they are what makes the tree magical.

A couple of trade secrets – tie your baubles on with a 2″ length of green garden wire – this means that the bauble will nestle amongst the branches and also will be safe if you have pets or small children around. If you want a glam alternative then use ribbon instead of wire (wired ribbon can be arranged to look perfect). On the subject of bows a simple tree bow is easy if you tie the original knot around a piece of wire then once the bow is finished it can be wired onto the tree.

Candles add to the festive atmosphere and these are now available in LED form as well as in wax so they can still be safe if you get worried about having candle flames about. The battery operated candles even flicker so they still will cast shadows and the authentic feel of a candle.

Arundells, Salisbury, Cathedral Close, Sir Edward Heath

Exotic garlands on bannisters are all over Instagram but it’s easy to create a stunning look without spending hours. Just take lengths of faux ivy garland (real would be wonderful if you can cut it long enough) and fix to the bannisters with simple red silk bows. An even simpler idea would be to wind a length of tiny pea lights on wire round and round – these are available with batteries if you don’t have a handy plug nearby.

Arundells, Salisbury, Cathedral Close, Sir Edward Heath


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