26 June 2019
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This month we are collaborating with Natalie at OSO Boutique to look at the colours that we love to wear and those that we use in our home. On a recent visit to OSO I noticed some beautiful saffron scarves in their window. Sadly I know that I cannot wear those yellow tones but I absolutely love it and my newly printed kitchen is just that colour!

We hope to show that when it comes to fashion and interiors one influences the other and you can enjoy all colours - some in your wardrobe and others in your home.



Saffron (or Ochre) is a big colour in interiors at the moment bringing to mind perhaps a Moroccan riad or Italian villa. As an interior accent or theme it works equally well in a dark cosy room as in a bright, fun scheme.

My garden room next to the kitchen has Walton's Ochre velvet cushions to complement the saffron paint. In the shop we have ochre lamps and shades as well as rugs, clocks and pictures.

Saffron is often teamed with black or white and can be especially effective when paired with grey.


OSO say -


Yellow certainly is the 'it' colour of the moment.

Wear it bold and beautifully with a statement necklace for a real WOW factor or tone it down a little to suit your complexion.

Choose yellow accents with printed fabrics such as this, an easy slip dress from Sandwich that Sarah is wearing over navy leggings



Cobalt or indigo is a strong blue and much more interesting than navy. It can be used as an accent or, if you are brave, for walls or curtains.

Accessories such as Bristol Blue glass, blue and white china lamps or placemats could add pops of colour to a neutral theme. Indigo can be used with yellow and red for a dramatic colour clash palette.

The decanters pictured are part of our vintage selection.


OSO says -


Blue is always a 'go to' colour for many of our customers but this summer why not liven things up and take a dip into this dramatic hue.

Team with coral coloured accessories for a head turning look or keep it super classy with crisp white for that 'just stepped off my yacht daaaahhhling' kind of feel!




Coral is the Pantone colour of the year in 2019. It's perhaps a more difficult one to use in the home but the bold use of coral (especially when used with white) can be wonderfully effective.

Whilst the strong coral can be used in any room in the house, a paler tone - blush - lends itself to bedrooms and cosy sitting areas.

Our Vanilla Fly cushions use blush with green, cream or black for dramatic effect. These black and blush cushions can be really effective when used in a monochrome colour scheme.


OSO says -


Blush and coral tones always come into their own at this time of year. They are really pretty colours that suit all skin tones and instantly lift the spirits, making you feel really summery.


Sarah is wearing a coral and white striped jersey dress from Soft B which is a great throw on piece.



Teal is a strong colour that not everyone will be able to wear but it's really great in interiors both as a paint colour and for accessories. My bedroom walls are painted in Valspar's Poseidon's Castle and contrast strongly with the white woodwork and bedlinen.

Our vintage Indian wooden accessories from Jaipur have this authentic strong colour and we usually have a selection of smaller accessories such as these tealight holders as well as teal cushions and lampshades.


OSO says -


Teal is a wonderful colour to use in fashion.

More often it is seen in the autumn season but this stunning oversized top from Bl^nk shows just how versatile teal can be when teamed with pretty pinks and vibrant blues.

Just gorgeous!




For those people who feel less comfortable or confident with colour a restful neutral scheme will feel just right. Grey has been THE interiors colour for a couple of years now and shows no sign of going out of fashion.

We have accessories in white, grey and taupe tones which will blend very well with the stronger colours mentioned above.

This contemporary styled table lamp sits alongside a Portobello mantle clock by Thomas Kent.


OSO says -


Grey is a colour that just keeps on giving!

Grey works with anything, making it a great base colour. You just need to be careful to pick the right tone near your face or if, like me you struggle to wear this neutral palette then pop a scarf or piece of jewellery with it.

Sarah has lifted this lovely linen 'Thing' dress with a tonal scarf and long shimmery tassel necklace which instantly makes her glow.


South Wilts Business of the Year Awards

On 20th June I was thrilled to be awarded The Salisbury Journal 'Lifetime Achievement Award' in recognition of the work I have done with the Salisbury Indies group especially over the last year. We have re-launched the group and have produced a pocket guide which showcases all 150+ members of the group. Do pick one up next time you are in the shop and perhaps you can discover some new businesses in the city.


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