1 MAY 2019
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Collaboration with Regent

For the next couple of newsletters I'll be collaborating with other independent businesses in Salisbury.

Jamie Lingham from Regent in New Street has helped me with this one as we look at all the vintage glasses that we sell in Casa Fina. Jamie, head of wine and whisky at Regent and a trained sommelier recommends something unusual to drink in each one. 


Champagne saucer or coupe

The champagne saucer is a sophisticated and elegant way to drink your champagne, Prosecco or English sparkling wine. It is the oldest shape of glass specifically designed for champagne and oozes tradition and luxury. A wider bowl allows the aroma to escape. 

We source these classic glasses as singles, pairs and in larger sets and they are a brilliant purchase for a celebration whether a birthday or wedding. We have plain, etched and cut glass


Jamie recommends -

A favourite of mine is the champagne staple Veuve Cliquot, a Pinot Noir driven champagne that hasn't changed since its creation in 1772. The house's motto is 'Only quality, the finest' and the wine speaks those words again and again, with fresh peach and biscuit. 

The coupe is wider than a flute and will help you experience a sparkling wine's greatness.


Cut glass highball tumblers

The most widely recognised and versatile glass, the highball tumbler is favoured by bartenders and mixologists when creating the perfect summertime gin and tonic.

Sets of vintage highball glasses are difficult for us to source and they tend to sell very quickly but we are always hunting so just let us know if you want us to contact you when we get some in.


Jamie recommends -

With many gins gracing our shelves in the last 5 or 10 years a real point of difference is needed. The Mr Hobbs of Henley Gin comes to mind. With botanicals sourced from the Henley boat yard where the regatta takes place this really is a gin with strong links to its hometown. It has a fresh grassy flavour palate to match. With orris root and the addition of lemon zest this recipe from 1870 is as fine today as it was then.


Port and sherry glasses

We often get asked about the difference between port and sherry glasses and we usually say that the same glasses will work equally well for either drink. 

We always have a great selection in stock and it's really fun to make up a harlequin set with different styles.

Some of these tiny glasses have exquisite etching, others are cut glass or a simple lens cut.


Jamie recommends -

Niepoort's Ruby Dum is a fresh cherry port with beautiful yet spritely notes of bramble fruit. Niepoort is one of the most famous houses in Portugal and this port is named after twin sisters of portuguese folk lore. 

This port is at home next to a fantastic West country cheddar - a perfect way to end an evening!


Wine glasses

Wine glasses come in all shapes and sizes and seem to get bigger year on year! Traditionally there are different shapes for various types of wine but most people make do very well with just one set. 

Our oldest pieces would be Georgian and old glass can be identified by a pontil mark or scar on the base. As wine became cheaper in the Victorian period the glass size got bigger and the decoration more ornate. Most of the everyday wine glasses we sell however are 20th century glasses.


Jamie recommends -

The American chardonnay is a classic and robust style of white wine with so much flavour to give, so utilise the glasses shape to get those great smells out.

Wente's Californian chardonnay carries flavours of heady summertime peach and red apple. The ideal partner to roast chicken.


Whisky tumblers

The whisky glass has been a regular on the study desk since the craft of distilling began, traditionally residing next to a beautiful cut-glass decanter.

Whisky drinkers tend to have a favourite glass, it's as much the weight and feel as the aesthetic design that is important. We always  have plenty to choose from, some from  famous manufacturers such as Waterford, Thomas Webb and Dartington.


Jamie recommends -

A unique yet elegant whisky is Benromach's 'Organic' from Speyside in Scotland. Crafted from the purest water and organically harvested grains from farms local to the distillery it really is a perfect blend of nature and man - the best produce coupled with lots of hard work. With flavours of hazlenut, raisin and long caramel sweetness on the finish this is a nightcap not to be missed.


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