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15 JUL 2022
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Summer has definitely arrived and with it lots of activity and new stock. The Bobble ceramics pictured above are gorgeous and perfect for summer dining. We have more Egyptian glass in the shop which is flying out as is the enormous range of plant pots that we're showcasing in our window at the moment. 
Read on down to see what we've been up to.


Independents’ Week

The first week in July has become a fixture in Salisbury as we celebrate Indies Week. Salisbury has a wealth of independent businesses covering retail, hospitality and beauty as well as the service sector and this year we had the chance to experience life in another business.

I partnered with Shane from The Old Ale and Coffee House and he did a sterling job learning to wrap, dust and serve the customers. For my part it was my first time behind a bar so I pulled my first pint and made my first barista coffee, that's why I look so pleased with myself!


Home styling and photo shoot

This month we're launching something new for social media - our home styled photo shoots. The first one took place in the home of Suzanne (@spiremum) and we had a lot of fun creating tablescapes for the dining table, styling the fireplace, hall, bedroom and bathroom.
Suzanne has a lot of Casa Fina faux plants at home which provided a great backdrop to the place settings, candlesticks, pictures and throws that we had to hand.

We're already planning a Christmas shoot and I have other homes lined up to have a Casa Fina makeover which I'll share with you in future newsletters.


Gifts Today

We had some lovely coverage in a trade magazine - Gifts Today. The editor, Clare, used my Interior Design Masters blog to inspire the article which is all about working with the BBC design programme.

it was such a interesting and fun experience so it's good to re-live it a year on.

Click on the link to read the article.


Bath Life

We also featured in Bath Life recently. I really miss Salisbury Life which was a great magazine for the city. Wouldn't it be lovely if it came back!

Bath is such a close neighbour so it's always lovely to read their news and see what's going on.

Click the link in the title or image to see the article 


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